Best online tools for calisthenics: Communities, apps and more!

Technology offers many helpful resources and tools to help you achieve your calisthenics goals. From engaging communities to instructional YouTube channels, here are the best online tools to reach your calisthenics goals!

Online Calisthenics Communities

Connecting with like-minded individuals can be incredibly motivating and informative. Here are some top communities where you can share your progress, ask questions, and get advice:

Reddit – r/bodyweightfitness: With over 4 million members, r/bodyweightfitness is a thriving community where you can ask questions, share progress, and find motivation. The subreddit’s wiki is packed with valuable information, and members are friendly and helpful, making it an excellent resource for calisthenics enthusiasts.

Facebook Groups: Join groups like “Calisthenics & Bodyweight Training” and “Calisthenics” to engage with fellow enthusiasts, share your journey, and find inspiration. The groups consist mainly of people who post videos of their training. Some of the facebook groups are moderated more strictly than others, and are therefore less spammy.

Local groups: Local Facebook groups can be fantastic resources for connecting with calisthenics trainees in your area. They serve as an online space for organizing meetups, sharing tips about local parks or outdoor spots for calisthenics, and arranging group workouts.

Here is how to find local calisthenics groups: Use Facebook’s search bar to look for calisthenics-related groups in your city or region. Try keywords like “calisthenics [your city/region],” “bodyweight fitness [your city/region],” or “street workout [your city/region].”

Discords: Discord provides a more personal and direct way to connect with people who share your interests. You can discuss calisthenics, fitness goals, and personal achievements, while forging friendships and building a supportive network. Some popular and good discord channels for calisthenics include Bodyweight Fitness (the discord for r/bodyweightfitness) and Gravity Destroyers SW.

For a full list of calisthenics communities check out this post!

Apps For Calisthenics

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, with all the apps out there, there must be some good ones for calisthenics, right? There are actually several useful calisthenics apps, designed to provide structured workouts, progress tracking, and much more, here are some of the best I use:

1. Myfitnesspal: While not specifically for calisthenics, MyFitnessPal is an excellent tool for tracking your nutrition. It allows you to log your meals, and monitor your calorie intake. It has a huge database of different foods, so just type the name and serving size then Myfitnesspal will do the rest.

2. Caliverse: This app features a wide range of calisthenics workouts and programs of generally high quality, however, you do have to pay for a subscription to access most features of the app (which is around 12 bucks a month).

3. Hybrid calisthenics: The hybrid calisthenics app is great for beginners getting into calisthenics, it features workouts with detailed descriptions and video instructions. Unlike some of the other apps, you don’t have to pay to access most of the app’s content.

4. Progression (Android): Progression is an Android-only app designed to track your progress. It allows you to create and customize workout routines and log your progress.

You can also use a spreadsheet like this, or even the true and tried pen and paper method to track your progress (more on that in this blog post).

Other useful calisthenics apps you might want to check out could be Die Ringe (for ring training, as the name suggest), Thenx (has the most content), Berg Movement (great for handstanding and skills) & Thenics (focuses on strength skills)

Youtube channels

With all the calisthenics youtube channels out there, it is hard to know which ones to follow. Some youtube channels provide valuable insight and informative tips, while other preach misleading information. Here are some of the youtube I trust to gain information from:

1. Frinksmovement: Frinksmovement is a true calisthenics nerd, and fun fact actually one of the people who inspired me to start writing this blog. He makes in-depth videos about various topics related to calisthenics, his videos are on point visually and are very well made, you can tell he puts a lot of effort into them as a viewer.

2. FitnessFAQs: Daniel Vadnal, the founder of FitnessFAQs is a physiotherapist, who provides comprehensive tutorials, workouts, and tips for mastering calisthenics skills and building muscle. His channel covers a wide range of topics, including bodyweight exercises, mobility training, and injury prevention.

3. Calisthenicmovement: The Calisthenicmovement is one of the biggest youtube channels related to calisthenics. Sven and Alex, the creators behind the channel, share their expertise in bodyweight training, mobility drills, and skill development. They are great at breaking down complex topics into simple language so that even beginners can understand complex training principles and theories.

Other honorable mentions you should check out include wolf coaching (for a science-based approach), Simonster (he’s a beast, and clever at the same time), Tom Merrick (good for flexibility and handstanding as well), and Refael Paz (for programming advice)

Calisthenics programs (free)

Looking for a well made program you can follow and continually make progress? Look no further than these free online workout programs:

1. The Calisthenics Program by PRIMALFITNESS: The first program on the list is my own, offering two paths: one for mastering strength moves like back levers, planches, front levers, and muscle-ups, and another for core strength and isolation exercises. It includes a thorough warm-up and cool-down, unlike many other programs and no signups required for access.
– Detailed Google Sheets for tracking progress.
– Video demonstrations to ensure proper form.

2. BWF Primer: Brand new to calisthenics? This beginner-friendly program eases you in with a 14-day build-up phase, teaching proper form and building a foundation for a full-body routine.

3. The Recommended Routine (r/bodyweightfitness): This structured program from the r/bodyweightfitness community is perfect for those who’ve dabbled in calisthenics and want a clear path to progress. Plus, the supportive subreddit offers tons of helpful advice!

4. An Adaptable Guide to Bodyweight Training by Tom Merrick: If you’re an intermediate with some programming knowledge, this PDF helps you craft your own personalized workout routine. It also includes guidance on handstands and mobility!

5. Bodyweight Training by Antranik: Designed by the renowned Antranik, this free program utilizes a push/pull/legs split to target different muscle groups. Be prepared to create an email login, and remember, this program might be more suited for intermediates due to the split format.

For a more in-depth post about the free workout programs out there check out this post. If you are looking for a paid program I would recommend checking out CalisthenicsMovement’s programs.

Other useful tools

While not super accurate, a one-rep max (1RM) calculator helps estimate the maximum weight you can lift for one repetition of an exercise. A popular online 1RM calculator for calisthenics can be found at

Another great tool I personally use a lot when traveling is, it allows you to search for calisthenics parks and spots worldwide, complete with photos, equipment lists, and user reviews.

If you have any tools you use that I forgot to mention, then please leave a comment then I might put it on the list!

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