The Top 10 Calisthenics Communities: groups, servers, and local events!

Calisthenics communities provide a supportive environment where you can encourage and motivate each other. Whether it’s overcoming challenges, sticking to a routine, or pushing through plateaus, having a community behind you can make a significant difference in your progress and motivation to train.

Facebook groups

There are several big facebook groups, that consist mainly of people who post videos of their training. Some of the facebook groups are moderated more strictly than others, and are therefore less spammy. Here are some of the best:

1. Calisthenics

Calisthenics is one of the biggest facebook groups where people post their progress, form checks, and ask questions. The members are quite active and responds to questions, provide feedback, and praise progress videos. It can be a bit spammy at times, but there are definitely also some good stuff in there.

2. Calisthenics and body weight training

Post from Calisthenics and body weight training

Calisthenics and body weight training is the biggest facebook group for calisthenics enthusiasts and in my opinion also the best one. It is less spammy than many other groups, there is a high level of engagement in the group and a general vibe of helpfulness and community.

3. Local groups

Local Facebook groups can be fantastic resources for connecting with calisthenics enthusiasts in your area. They often serve as groups for organizing meetups, sharing tips about local parks or outdoor spots for calisthenics, and arranging group workouts.

How to find local calisthenics groups: Use Facebook’s search bar to look for calisthenics-related groups in your city or region. Try keywords like “calisthenics [your city/region],” “bodyweight fitness [your city/region],” or “street workout [your city/region].”


Reddit is a good place to engage with other calisthenics enthusiasts. There are serval subreddits you can follow, each serving slightly different purposes. Reddit is properly the best place to join calisthenics forums and engage with other trainees, here are the best subreddits:


With over 4 million members, r/bodyweightfitness offers a supportive discussion based community where you can ask questions, share your progress, and get motivated by others. There’s a wealth of information available in the subreddit’s wiki, and people are generally friendly and happy to help out, as long as you follow the rules. Which is why it is in my opinion the best forum related to calisthenics.


Post from r/Calisthenic

The focus of this subreddit is calisthenics videos. Members share progress updates, form checks, and discuss other aspects of calisthenics. This group is good for motivation and feedback about calisthenics.


Calisthenics culture is like if r/bodyweightfitness and r/calisthenics had a baby, it is smaller and has an even split between video and discussions. Because it is smaller, there is a bit less engagement, but a strong sense of community.


Meme from r/Calisthenicsmemes

While this subreddit isn’t as active unfortunately I still find it relevant, because sharing humor other people can’t understand might be the highest form of community. The few posts that get posted once in a while are quite funny and relatable, so get ready to laugh at yourself.


Discord is more personal and more direct medium for communication, where you can connect with people who share your interests. Discuss calisthenics, fitness goals, and personal achievements. Forge friendships and build a supportive network.

1. Bodyweight Fitness

Look from inside Bodyweight fitness discord channel

Bodyweight Fitness is the discord server related to r/Bodyweightfitness, and is one of the biggest calisthenics discords with daily activity and a strong sense of community. There are sereval different channels in the discord related to nutrition, training and “off topic”. The vibe is friendly and people are supportive. If you enjoy r/Bodyweightfitness, but want the extra personal connection this is a good option.

2. Hybrid Calisthenics

Hybrid calisthenics discord server is quite broad there is of course some channels related to calisthenics, but there are also a lot of other channels unrelated to calisthenics. This is properly the least calisthenics-centric server on the list, but with a lot of other channels, that you might enjoy, or you can just stick to the training channels.

3. Gravity Destroyers SW

Gravity Destroyers SW is a small and welcoming community dedicated to calisthenics and Street Workout (SW). The server is quite active compared to its size, and the vibe is quite nice and friendly. There are a lot of channels related to calisthenics, such as music, polls (which are often quite funny), and much more. So if you are interested in a smaller dedicated calisthenics server, this might be the one.

Other options

While it is good to join some online communities, connecting with people in real life is another thing. There are several places where you can meet other calisthenics enthusiasts. Here are some options, to help you connect with fellow trainees:


Calisthenics meetups are fantastic opportunities to connect with fellow enthusiasts in real life.
Check out websites and platforms like, Eventbrite, or Facebook Events. Search for keywords like “calisthenics meetup,” “bodyweight fitness meetup,” or “street workout meetup” along with your location to find events near you.
Some gyms also offer calisthenics-focused classes or have dedicated areas for bodyweight exercises, especially CrossFit gyms. Inquire with staff or check their event schedules for any upcoming meetups or workshops.

The local calisthenics park

Many cities have outdoor parks equipped with calisthenics bars, rings, and other fitness equipment. Visit these parks regularly, especially during weekends or popular workout times, as you’re likely to encounter other calisthenics enthusiasts.
By frequenting your local calisthenics park and engaging with other enthusiasts, you can build connections, learn from other people, and enjoy the camaraderie of a training community.

You can find a map of calisthenics parks here:

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